Jo Ohlson-Clark

Funeral Celebrant for Kent & South East London

Hello, I’m Jo

My name is Jo Ohlson-Clark and having been brought up in London, I now live in Hartley in Kent, with my Husband, our daughter, 2 loveable cats and a Gorgeous Bernese Mountain dog.

During my previous work life, I worked in the Travel Industry and apart from being widely travelled, I have also lived and worked in a number of different countries and as a result I have learned a lot about Diversity and Different Cultures.

I love spending time with My Family and walking our Dog, I still love to travel and I also enjoy a visit to the Theatre or a good movie

Completely Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies in Kent

Why Celebrant Funeral Ceremonies

I decided to become a funeral Celebrant following the death of my mother, who had been brought up with Religion in her life and had made it clear that when she died she would like a Religious Funeral, so this was what we arranged, unfortunately, even though we spent time giving insight into my Mother’s personality and her love for her family and her uniqueness. The service was really generic and there was gave no inkling of her as an individual and it was very disappointing and seriously underwhelmed my family.

My Dad immediately decided that when he died, I would be the one to conduct his service. So, when my Dad died, I arranged and conducted the funeral as per his request and it included Music and poetry that he liked and a lot of detail about him personally. My family loved the ceremony and found it really celebrated his life and was quite uplifting. Which was exactly what he wanted.

As a result of this I was subsequently asked to do funerals for other Family members and their friends and I found that I actually enjoyed creating ceremonies that reflected the unique and individual traits of the bereaved families loved ones. I felt that it made a real difference for the Families and that whilst it gave them some ease and comfort to acknowledge the passing of their loved one, it also enabled them to celebrate the life of that beloved and unique individual and left them with a positive lasting memory.

I then trained with The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants in 2018 and I am now working as an Independent Funeral Celebrant in the Mid and North Kent areas and also in South East London.

I always go the extra mile to ensure that the ceremony gives you some ease and comfort in the midst of your grief and leaves you with a positive lasting impression.